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Our company was established in 2016 in Turkey and operates in the furniture sector. We wholesale a wide range of high-quality products such as MDF, chipboard, laminate flooring, and many other wood processed items to meet the diverse needs of our customers in furniture.

We specialize in wholesale exports of products derived from the initial processing of wood in the forest product category. Our exports extend to various cities, primarily to Erbil, Iraq, among others. Upholding our standards of quality and reliability, we strive to deliver the best products to our customers both domestically and internationally.

We are here to meet the needs of our valued customers and to support your projects to the fullest extent.

Çamsan Ordu
Es Folyo 
Baytek Baylar
Gizr Wood Products
Kastamonu Entegre

We offer you our products with the best quality with our experienced staff team
We give a 5-year warranty period to every product we produce.
We use 1st class Mdf.

We prepare and deliver your orders within 3 working days.
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